Learn to Play Jazz Workshops 2022



Learn to Play Jazz Workshops


Jazz Festival Offers Learn to Play Workshops For Singers and Instrumentalists



If you are interested in learning to sing jazz or play jazz then this opportunity is for you.

This year the Cape Breton Jazz Festival, June 16-19 2022, will place emphasis on music instruction by having several days of musician development workshops during the Festival.

Anyone interested in learning to sing or play jazz are invited to attend the workshops which will provide instruction and helpful information on playing jazz music. Both beginning players/singers and advanced players/singers are welcome to take part. Spectators and all instruments are welcome. 

Some of the instruction during the three days of workshops may be given by some of the top jazz musicians in Canada, such as Kirk MacDonald on saxophone, Lorne Lofsky on guitar, and Neil Swainson, on bass, along with Ethan Ardelli and Jim Doxas on drums. All are performing at this year’s Festival.

Also some of Atlantic Canada’s top jazz musicians may participate in the workshops. Players such Paul Tynan on trumpet, Paul Rushka on bass, Jake Hanlon on guitar, all St. Francis Xavier University Jazz professors may be some of the musicians providing instruction. The Festival is also excited to present this year singing workshops taught by with Antonia Pigot,  jazz vocal teacher from Halifax, providing instruction.

The workshops will be held on Thursday June 16 from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm then will continue on Friday 10:00 to 3:00 pm on Saturday from 10:00 to 1 pm. Additional workshops may also be held on Sunday morning. For those interested there will also be opportunities to play on stage during a public playing opportunity. Public performance opportunities will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. held each of these three days, both during the afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm and in the evenings and from 10 pm to 1 am.  The schedule will adjusted depending on the number of performers on each instrument.

The workshops will be held at the Hearthstone Inn on Kings Rd in Sydney. For instrumentalists, aspects of instruction will include such topics as: following the jazz form, understanding chord changes, different ways to improvise, learning tunes, performing tunes, playing with others, playing the blues, and so on.

The Jazz Vocal Workshop will cover topics such as vocal jazz style, rhythmic and harmonic awareness, lyric interpretation, vocal exploration, improvisation and group and solo performance.

There will be no better opportunity for anyone to learn how to play jazz. All skill levels and all ages welcome. Spectators welcome also.

For those workshop participants registering early scholarship funding will be available. As a result there will be no charge for workshop participation. But players must register early to take part. Registration is limited. To register send an email to Carl at capebretonjazzfestival@gmail.com. Provide him with your name, your instrument, your music background, and what you would like to learn. You can contact him with questions also. Keep checking the Festival’s website at capebretonjazzfestival.com for further information. Deadline for workshop registration is Friday, June 10, 2022. Late registration may be possible depending on the number of instrumentalists and singers already registered. For additional Festival information go to capebretonjazzfestival.com.







Rhythm Workshops Held in 2017 


Rhythm Workshops Involve Jazz drummer Ethan Ardelli at 9 am

(info: 416-903-0133)

Percussionist Shelley Allen at 10:30am (info:902-578-5379)


These Workshops For All Ages At New Dawn Centre, 37

Nepean St./George St.



(The cost of the Saturday workshops are $10 each. The cost for

Thursday and Friday's Cuban workshops have a different pricing

structure with the

specific costs listed below.)


Latin Music Playing/Dance Workshops Held in 2017


Los Primos and Island to Island are pleased to present workshops in Cuban music and dance for Junior and Senior Students and Adults this summer. The workshops will take place August 3/4, 2017 in Sydney, Cape Breton at the New Dawn Center for Social Innovation on 37 Nepean Street in Sydney.

The workshops presented will be an introduction to Cuban music, Cuban music for all players, Cuban music and Latin Jazz and Salsa Dance for Beginners and Salsa Dance – The Next Steps.

There will be five Cuban musicians touring with Los Primos 2017 this summer. Augusto Enriquez on Vocals, Guitar and Percussion, Alison Enriquez Violin and Vocals, and Ahmed Alom on Piano.

Island to Island is excited to have Dance instructor Chitzsando Mkandawire from Concept Creative Dance Company to conduct the dance workshops. Playing with Los Primos will be Cape Breton native Matt MacLennan on Bass, along with Truro native Jeff Goodspeed on Tenor Sax. After the workshops, Los Primos will be performing a dance for the first show for the

Cape Breton Jazz Festival 2017 at the Northside Yacht Club on Friday, August 4 at 7:30.

The program, Island to Island is facilitated by Jeff Goodspeed from NSCC Waterfront Campus and Laura Mercer from Cape Breton.

For more information about these workshops contact: Jeff Goodspeed losprimos@bellaliant.net or 902-401-2104

Laura Mercer at ljmercer57@gmail.com


Schedules and information for workshops.

August 3/4 in Sydney, Cape Breton.

The New Dawn Center for Social Innovation

37 Nepean Street

Sydney, Cape Breton, NS.



Musicans from NS & Cape Breton Cuban Musicans

Jeff Goodspeed Tenor Sax Augusto Enriquez Vocals/Guitar/Percussion

Alejandeo Enriquez - percussion 

Alison Enriquez  Violin/Vocal

Matt MacLellan Bass

Ahmed Alom -Piano

Matt MacLellan Bass 

Dance instructor:

Chitzsando Mkandawire -Concept Creative Dance Company


Scholarships will be available to help subsidize the tuition of our music clinics and are award through the recommendation of teachers


Thursday August 3


Music Session 1 - Introduction to Cuban music $40

Thursday Aug 3 – 1:30 to 4:30

Suitable for anyone interested in learning about this musical style that is influencing music all over the world.

Music Session 2 - Cuban music for all players $40

Thursday Aug 3 – 6:30 to 9:30

If you are a confident player in different styles of music, then this clinic is designed for you. Reading is not expected.


Music Session 3 - Cuban music and Latin Jazz $40

Friday Aug 4 – 10:00 to 1:00

Designed for the serious music student who has experience

reading and is comfortable with improvisation.


Friday Aug 4 – 2:00 to 3:30

(with 30 minute practice time at 3:30)


Dance Session 1 – Salsa Dance for Beginners - $25

Beginner Salsa workshop with Cuban Style and Bachata influences.


Friday Aug 4 – 6:00 to 7:30

(with 30 minute practice time at 3:30)

Dance Session 2 – Salsa Dance – The Next Steps- $25

This will add style to your Cuban and Bachata Dancing.


Clinic Scholarships

1 clinic -($40) $20 with your recommendation ($20 scholarship)

2 clinics ($80) $30 with your recommendation ($50 scholarship)

Clinic Scholarships


1 clinic -($40) $20 with your recommendation ($20 scholarship)

2 clinics ($80) $30 with your recommendation ($50 scholarship)

3 clinics ($100) $40 with your recommendation ($60 scholarship)

All clinics and dance clinics ($120) - $50 with your recommendation.

($70 Scholarship)J


Los Primos and Island and Island Workshops 2017

Teacher Scholarship Recommendation Form

(to be filled out by teacher)


Student Name: _________________________________


Instrument: ____________________________________


IF Voice Student - Vocal Range: ____________________


Teacher Name: _________________________________


Teacher Contact Information: ______________________




Student Contact Information: ______________________




Indicate Scholarship you are applying for.


_______1 clinic -($40) $20 with your recommendation ($20

Student Contact Information: ______________________




Indicate Scholarship you are applying for.


_______1 clinic -($40) $20 with your recommendation ($20 scholarship)

_______2 clinics ($80) $30 with your recommendation ($50 scholarship)

_______3 clinics ($100) $40 with your recommendation ($60 scholarship.

_______All clinics and dance clinics ($120) - $50 with your recommendation.

($70 Scholarship)

Send to Los Primos at: losprimos@bellaliant.net

Attention: Jeff Goodspeed